Translation Lunch Series, 103

On Monday, September 24, I will be giving a talk on “Rhythm in Arthur Waley’s Translation of Chinese Poetry” for Princeton’s Translation Lunch Series, run by David Bellos (himself a translator of Georges Perec and Ismail Kadare). More specifically, my presentation will analyze the prosody of Waley’s translations of Bo Juyi’s 白居易 pentametric poems from his first book of translations, One Hundred and Seventy Chinese Poems (1918), and how these relate to the prosody of the originals. Anyone interested in this presentation can show up, or, if that’s not possible, email me for a copy of the paper.

This will also be my first academic presentation outside of the “grad student” context. That is to say, this lunch series is features speakers from all stages in their academic career, including full professors. I’m a bit nervous about this – not only because of the more professional context, but also because I’m attempting to make charts and graphs based on my statistical analysis of Waley’s prosody, and I have little experience with such tools. Generally, I prefer just giving a single-page handout with the key text and a list of technical terms. Now come the glories of Powerpoint.

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