Map of Guanxiu’s Travels

Guanxiu's places (cropped)

The poet-monk Guanxiu 貫休 (832-913) is one of the cornerstones of my dissertation project. As an experiment in data visualization, I’ve created a simple map of the places he lived and traveled using Palladio. I found coordinates either by using the China Historical GIS project or else by scrolling through Google Maps, taking my best guess where certain places were, and writing down the coordinates. I took information of his travels from the chronology compiled by Hu Dajun 胡大浚, appended to his 2011 critical edition of the poet’s works, Guanxiu geshi xinian jianzhu 貫休歌詩繫年箋注 (The Songs and Poems of Guanxiu: Dated, Collated, and Annotated).

Please bear in mind that this is just an initial test run: I have not double-checked coordinates with the best modern scholarship, nor have I done anything to filter data by date, nor have I toyed around with the design. Simply trying to give myself a visual here (since ancient place names can be hard to keep straight). Hope you enjoy it, too.

Read part 2, with a more substantive analysis, here.

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