Experiments in Translating Classical Chinese Poetry

aas in asia pic

This Tuesday, I will be presenting a series of rhythmic translations of poems by the Tang dynasty poet Jia Dao 賈島 (779–843) at AAS-in-Asia in Taipei.. It will be a panel I co-organized with Lucas Klein on “Experiments in Translating Classical Chinese Poetry.” The panel includes:

  • Lucas Klein (University of Hong Kong), “Pseudo Pseudo-Translation: On the Potential for Footnotes in Translating Li Shangyin”
  • Monica Zikpi (University of Oregon), “Between the Lines: Visualizing an ‘Original’ Shijing, or, How Philology Killed the Duke”
  • Zeb Raft (University of Alberta), “Topical Translations: An Experiment with Tang Poet Liu Zhangqing”
  • Thomas J. Mazanec (Princeton University), “Jia Dao’s Rhythm, or, How to Translate the Tones of Medieval Chinese.”

The professional literary translator Eleanor Goodman will serve as our discussant. If you’re in Taipei next week, please join us. Please see the schedule (in PDF or digital format) for more information.

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