New Resources Section: Digital Humanities and Data Visualization Tools


doctypegoodsclass.pngOver the past few months, I’ve been working with Princeton’s Center for Digital Humanities (CDH) as part of their collaboratory, in which a handful of grad students and postdocs work through a project together in order to learn by doing. We’ve been working on the metadata from the catalogue of Princeton’s cuneiform collection—a topic chosen because none of us have any specialized knowledge of it.

In order to keep straight all of the dozens of digital humanities tools I learn and hear about, I’m adding a new section to my resources page, on DH and data visualization. Like everything else listed on that page, the list is by no means comprehensive or even authoritative. I welcome suggestions for further additions.

The image above is an alluvial diagram showing what categories of goods are mentioned in what kind of texts in Princeton’s cuneiform collection, produced by the CDH collaboratory. Tool used: Raw.

*UPDATE: Our resident postdoc, Claude Willan, has written a blog post explaining in greater detail our activities at the CDH collaboratory.

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