Publication: Guanxiu’s Mountain-Dwelling Poems

My translation of the twenty-four “Mountain-Dwelling Poems” 山居詩 of the poet-monk Guanxiu 貫休 (832–913) has just been published by Tang Studies. It includes a fairly extensive introduction, as well as an afterword on the method and circumstances of the translation itself. A PDF offprint is available here. The full citation is:

Mazanec, Thomas J. “Guanxiu’s ‘Mountain-Dwelling Poems’: A Translation.” Tang Studies 34.1 (2016): 99–124.

My thanks to everyone who helped with the publication process. The end result is much different from my original vision for the piece, but still satisfying for what it is. This first public translation of Guanxiu’s work is the tip of the iceberg. I hope some day to translate his entire oeuvre of 700+ poems.

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