New Publication: The Medieval Chinese Gāthā and Its Relationship to Poetry

Was there ever such a concept as “Buddhist poetry” in the medieval Chinese world, widely considered to be the golden age of classical Chinese poetry? My latest article, just published […]

How and Why to Learn Classical Chinese

Recently, a friend asked me how to go about teaching himself classical Chinese. He works for the U.S. State Department and speaks Mandarin very well, but now he wants to […]

Book Review: Spells, Images, and Maṇḍalas by Koichi Shinohara

My review of Spells, Images, and Maṇḍalas by Koichi Shinohara (New York: Columbia University Press, 2014) has recently been published in the Buddhist studies journal Pacific World. From the opening of my […]

Religious Poetry Workshop

Tomorrow marks the start of the Princeton Workshop on Chinese Religious Poetry, organized by myself and Jason Protass. Despite what the poster says, all are welcome to come, even without […]